Zooty Bear
Zooty Bear
Zooty Bear
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Zooty Bear

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Cuties By Zootys | Zooty Bear is there to comfort your kids when Daddy or Mummy have to FIFO/DIDO/BIBO or even just to have on night shift.

Zooty Bear can also just be the companion that your kids need to learn all about playing safely around the house, camping, fishing, riding their bikes and a whole lot more.

You have a choice of a FREE Bear Hi Viz Work Shirt in Yellow & Navy, Orange & Navy or Hot Pink & Navy.

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Many customers have contacted me with stories of how much their little ones loved feeling and looking like their parents,” 

“Just as many of them also shared their struggles with dealing with the separation anxiety when it was time to return to work.

“I started to wonder how Cuties By Zootys could work to provide a product that helped quell some of the anxiety when it occurs. a cuddly companion could be the secret to easing the stress on the youngest members of the families.

Many health professionals supported that concept, Zooty Bear was born. Adorned in his own hi-viz workshirt, Zooty Bear provides comfort and security to children during increased times of stress or anxiety. But the benefits extend even further. “There are so many men and women who carry a lot of guilt because they have to leave their children in such an emotional state when they head back or away for work and we hoped the introduction of Zooty Bear might be a way to ease the pain for both parties,” 

“The children can use the bear as a comfort and reminder of their loved one and hopefully parents are able to transition back into work carrying less worry and stress. It could potentially be beneficial to the entire family.”