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Welcome to Cuties By Zootys

Welcome to Cuties By Zootys, the original kids’ hi viz work clothing brand! Your kids want to be just like their idols– yep parents, that’s you! Our clothing makes your kids feel like they are just like you. With great details including contrast collars, reflective stripes and buttoned pockets, these designs look just like the real thing!

Our clothing is creating stronger bonds between children and parents. It has helped relieve separation anxiety when parents are away from home. These designs also have the potential to build confidence and boost kids’ self-worth through creative exploration and role play. With the addition of our Zooty Bear we have seen an increase in children’s ability to understand parents working and leaving home, and also in their ability to be OK about it happening.

In addition to being fun for everyday wear, our range also serves as essential kids’ camping gear. High visibility is very important for dark campsites where it can be difficult to supervise children at night time. It’s also the ideal kids’ outdoor clothing for any activity where regular clothes just aren’t up to the job, whether it’s BMX riding or playing in the mud or any of those other messy activities kids love!

We trust you will enjoy your stay here and find something for the little workers in your life.  If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With our range of Hi Viz Work Shirts, Pants, Jumpsuits your sure to dress your kid for safety. Add to that the FIFO Kids Books and Zooty Bear and your building your kids confidence while maintaing a constant safe agenda. Add the extra funk to the wardrobe with the Kids Sunglasses and Belts and you have yourself one little confident, safety conscious & spunky person!


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Author's name

"Thank you so so much. We bought our son ninja turtle and paw patrol outfits but on his very first book week dress up day, he strongly chose your book! Here he is dressed like his daddy. He is very very proud. We love this book and read it every night daddies at work. I love that he understands more and more every week. Thank you so much"

Nikita QLD

I would just like to say thank you once again.  I received the shirt I won for my son today and it looks great

Emma S

Thank you so much for picking my son to receive a free work shirt in you Father's Day competition.

He absolutely LOVES it.

Just like daddy.

Tiffany E

Highly recommend this hi vis jumpsuit!! 😍 wicked material even personalised so adorable!!

Hannah B

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Judy W

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

Nicole W

Your hi vis shirts have been the best quality that my kids have had!

Sam P

Thankyou, my sons zooty bear arrived. He is so excited. A new companion for therapy days! :)

Nicole J